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FBF (My First flash EVER) FBF (My First flash EVER)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

For a first ever flash...

That was very impressive for a first time flash! Particularly an FBF one!
There were some points where the music was quite fast/action packed and the FBF didn't quite have the same intensity, but FBF is an extremely difficult type of animation to get right, and you made a very very very good start!

I hope this gets through judgement, and keep working on FBF, as you honestly could get to a much higher level!

Hope to see more from you soon!

Target Madness Target Madness

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Reviewed by: Supermon21

Overall Score: 1
Atleast don't use Garage Band for your music. I've extreamely sick of that. Tired, boring, nothing really funny about it. Try to work harder at making flash.

Flash by Supermon21:
- none -

Point proven. Anyway, onto my review. Ace little flash you got going there, I like the graphical style a lot! Very funny stuff too, especially the random inclusion of DDR in the equation. Also liking the narrator gimmick/joke too, very clever. Maybe sound quality could be a tad better on the voices, but wasnt terrible overall. A great job, really keep up the good work, I enjoyed this a great deal.

Hanged Man's Elegy Hanged Man's Elegy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

My mouth is still open

Absolutely stunning. Words cannot describe the sheer awe I experienced when first watching that flash, it was just amazing. Music was wonderfully chosen, fitted perfectly to the mood, and you also managed to capture the sense of horror not only with the main character within the animation, but you also got me pretty freaked out, especially with the graveyard section at the beginning, with the cut frames and ghosts of the past appearing in random areas, also loved the first person perspective at certain intervals.
I think the most important thing about this movie is the main themes behind it. Mourning of a loved one may seem what is happening on the surface, yet I feel deep down this movie is all about mankinds perversion and lack of love where those involved look into the inside. Very twisted ending, the scarf hanging the guy at the end was excellent, and the note on the table, superbly done. Another key point about the animation was how wonderfully the aspects of insanity were represented, spectacular special effects using different alpha and colour channels, and lots of cut frames and quick shots which I have a particular fonding for.

You have my second 10 in my reviews. And you damn well deserve it.

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3d logic 3d logic

Rated 1 / 5 stars

AWESOME GAME!!!! copied it?

At first I thought, wow, this guy has something original going on! Then I browsed the reviews and heard about a so called 'Hyper Frame' and what do you know, its exactly the same, with just a mildly different interface and runs through Shockwave instead of Flash. Even the beginning puzzles were copied directly from the time attack puzzles in Hyper Frame.

Use your coding and Flash talents for other things than'll get you places, trust me.

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The Ambridge Mansion-Day1 The Ambridge Mansion-Day1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

God that's something...

Three seconds in, I'm shaking...
Man, you know how to make someone scared. I'm not gonna spoil anything about the game or talk about any surprises (trust me, I'm sweating...) apart from the surprises that have already been mentioned.

First off....the doll room..........enough said......
Second.....dark corridor.....made me go away...even though it was the first room.....

Black and white graphics perfectly set the town, with the little splashes of colour that really make this game truly stand out. If this game was in colour, the 'scary factor' would probably have dropped by 90%.

Sound.....oh boy.....the doll room.....that sound....I must have raised about a foot off the chair because boy did that scare me.....

Although the flashlight idea had been used in games such as Doom 3, it was used so much better than Doom 3. You really took that idea and raised the bar so much that it surpasses horror games dramatically.

Overall, a stunning game/demo (really can't wait for the next six days) that really deserves more than a 3.74 (at time of writing) from NGers.

Excellent work. My friends are being scared at this moment.....

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jimgray responds:

It's up to a 3.77 now, The sad thing is if it wasn't for the blammers in the judgement phase it would have a 4.0 by now.